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November 2nd, 2020
Photographs have a direct relationship with reality, that is why photographs are sometimes confused with reality itself.
Garry Winogrand said: "It's light on surface" and also philosopher Roland Barthes put the essence of photography as follows: "Ça a été."
Everything we see in a photograph has been there. Even the most staged photograph refers to the reality of that construction.
René Magritte also warned us not to confuse an image of reality with reality itself.
This assignment was a game with the reality codes of the medium. Students were invited to construct three pictures that represent a false reality; to construct something that seems a photographic proof but which is not 'true'.

We looked at scientific photography and artists who played ironically with the credibility of photography: René Magritte, Joan Fontcuberta, Karl Blossfeldt, UFO's, Jojakim Cortis and Adrian Sonderegger, The Roswell Report, Robert Capa, Mohamed Bourouissa, Georges Méliès, the Lumière Brothers, Aydin Buyuktas, Chema Madoz, Christian Patterson, Larry Sultan and Mike Mandell, Chris Engman, Salvador Dali, Asger Carlsen, Sjoerd Knibbeler, Christina De Middel, Enrique Metinides, Geert Goiris, Andreas Gursky, Jan Dibbets

A Lucia Fernandez

Denali National Park & Preserve, Alaska, United States

Sonoma county, California, USA. Reinterpretation of Bliss by Charles O’Rear, 1996

Picos de Europa, Asturias, Spain

Alexia De Splenter

Menselijke huid



Amber Van der Borght



Tied to the screen

Anke Defossé

Thirteen minutes prior

Three days after

Thirty years later

Aron Viszlo



Me, myself and I

Bas Verrept

Grab them

The news is not what it used to be


Brent Decraene




Bruce Bomfim

I can be happy

I can be angry

I can be surprised

Catherine Smet

Hillary Clinton meets Kanye West in the Oval Office

Hillary Clinton listens to health advisor Anthoni Fauci

Hillary Clinton walks with Kim Jong-Un

Daria Oprean

Don’t judge a fruit by its peel

V-J Day Selfie

The galaxy in my bathroom sink

Daria Yashina

Morning light

Lamp light


Diane Mondésir

Let yourself fall

The ghostly smoky man

Beyond the surface

Dimitris Siokis

View from a window



Ean Demaeyer

Arrangement of stones

Arrangement of underwater creatures

Dinosaur bone in glass box

Eduard Michalko

Belgian Horses watching Concorde plane


Cheesy Apollo 11

Esmeralda Janson


Ice queen


Eva Thurman

Where am I going N°1

Where am I going N°2

Where am I going N°3

Inne De Bruyn


Peeping Tom


Iris Maselis

Feather in the night sky

Floating ball

One orange and one lemon

Katinka Meyers

Eggs tell stories too

The trees are not what they seem

Floating piece of meat found in black hole

Miguel Rozpide Pazo

Shows a woman’s chest, in reality the back of a man

Shows an ass, in reality is an elbow

Shows woman’s genitalia, when in reality is man hiding his penis

Milana Starklova

Glitches in the system

Ancestor simulation

Reality on a subatomic level

Moritz Broszat

„Ce n'est pas l’original“

„The rock“


Odelya Atlasovitch

A lady sitting on a bench

My neighbours

Car Crash

Puck Thissen

Ghost town


Salt mountains

Robert Sasarman

When you get stoned

You can never be too careful


Sarah Kirchner

The message

The journey

The aftermath

Sarah Stone

MAPP love fairy

Alien Elf

Cthulhu 10

Sarah Van Wingerden

Lost shadow

Reality in earlier times

Unidentified object

Theo Scherer

Walking (Long Exposure I)

Sitting (Long Exposure I)

Sitting (Long Exposure II)

Veronika Breuer

Pandemic 1

Pandemic 2

Pandemic 3