PLAY TIME                                                

‘Play Time’ is a contemporary art exposition in Koninklijk Atheneum Berchem (a high school in Antwerp). Works by 11 internationally renowned artists will be shown in the classrooms during the Easter holidays, creating a trajectory through the corridors and rooms of this unique modernist building. Each artist will use one classroom and engage in a dialogue between his/her work and the peculiar, charged space of the classroom.

Both ‘the school’ and ‘adolescence’ provide the background and canvass for this project, which thematises the notion of ‘vulnerability’. Life in secondary school (‘play time’) involves the transition from childhood to adulthood, and this process often comes with insecurity and trauma. The (self-)questioning character of the young adult displays similarities to the inquisitive, examining character of the artist. In some cases, the works exposed will directly refer to adolescence, in other cases the works will suggest more general links to the theme of vulnerability.

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